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Hand Carved Obsidian Athame Ritual Blade

This ritual blade (also known as an Athame) is made of obsidian, the protector and black mirror to add additional magical benefits.

A black-handled knife appears in certain versions of the Key of Solomon, a grimoire dating to the Renaissance. The defined use of the tool was started by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in the early 20th century, for the use of banishing rituals and directing energy at the objects it points towards.

It can also be used to summon elements, heaven, and earth by pointing it in the cardinal directions and up to the sky and down to the ground. It is naturally connected to the sword cards in the tarot, the forged elements of earth of fire, protection, Excaliber and its rightful owner, and preserverance of the human spirit. 

Obsidian's Properties: Shadow work, binding, protection, understanding unseen forces, defense magic, absorb or reduce negativity.

Please note this is not a weapon or a kitchen tool and the edges are naturally dull.


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