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Herbalism and mind-body consultation

For those seeking natural pathways to supplement overall wellbeing and stress management through herbs and mind-body techniques.

 + 30 min session

+ herbal formulation

+ mind-body plan

+ one-on-one with Wade

Wade is an herbalist, certified yoga teacher, mystic, and former laboratory scientist of 10 years. He believes that holistic methods are a supplemental approach, and healing is primarily accomplished by the wisdom of the body, largely at home. He believes the mind-and body connect and that our greatest allies in nature are plants-- our source of food, the air we breathe, and within them traditional remedies for many of the challenges we face in the human experience.

Consultation may be in-person or on a face-to-face virtual call. Note: I will never consult with you via direct messages on social media or similar, nor accept payments outside of my website or shop. 

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