Potion consignment popup

Date/Time: Sat+Sun, June 24-25 12p-430p

Type: This is a full weekend consignment popup, not a “vendor manned booth” market.


Fee: 30% consignment commission to Solidago/Wade Vetiver LLC upon sale. Set your prices accordingly.

What’s included : Solidago/Wade Vetiver LLC will sell your product during a full weekend of potion centered goods, you do not need to man a booth, but of course you’re welcome to visit the popup! Advertising, Shop space, display, sales person, and tracked inventory included. Payout at the end, minus a 30% commission. Products not sold will be returned to the vendor.

Product requirements: Each product requires a price sticker, and identifiable brand tag or label. Include an inventory slip which itemizes everything that you are selling at the pop up, it must be reviewed/signed by both the vendor and the seller. The products should have a magical or practical use with full disclosure of how to use it and the appropriate ingredients/labeling/allergens/disclaimers/where it was made. Please also include a sign with your brand/product descriptions and your social media or website. Business cards are also welcome.

What can be sold: potions, waters, oils, powders, elixirs, tinctures, skin/hair/body care, sprays, and similar. No other items will be considered.

What cannot be sold: Products without labels, tags, or printed info attached may not be sold. Products that are unsafe or that can harm the consumer.

Sales tax: Texas sale tax will be charged on your product and filed by Wade Vetiver LLC

Mailed or out of region vendors: Out of region vendors that cannot drop products off in person will arrange their drop off or pay for shipping costs, both ways, to and from. Mailed products should include a return label.

Damage/theft/abandoned product: the products will be watched at all times by those manning the shop, and inventoried. Any unlikely damage or theft will be documented at payout as a capital loss to the vendor, however due to the nature of the incident, these losses will not be reimbursed. Products that are abandoned, unclaimed, or do not have a return/pickup means after 30 days will be forfeited and donated if the vendor does not make an effort to obtain them.

FDA: products intended for consumption or supplement use are required to be labeled with the FDA disclaimer : “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Liability: products sold should be made with quality and care, and not include anything that can harm the consumer. All liability will be waived from Wade Vetiver LLC for sales of products that do not meet safety requirements, and the vendor will be responsible to fully indemnify Wade Vetiver LLC, including any costs, legal fees etc, if the vendors product breaches safety requirements. The vendor will assume all responsibility for their product.

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